We have learned so much and have come so far in our ability to treat the root causes of substance use disorders and the other mental and emotional afflictions plaguing humanity. Yet, we are still losing people at epidemic levels, and too many people continue to struggle with self-worth. Recognizing the disparity between the tools and resources available to help people flourish in life and the access and ability to use them, we embarked on a mission to do our best to help close the gap.

Our founder, John Bruna, is a counselor, educator, mindfulness trainer, former Buddhist monk, and a continuous member of recovery since 1984. John has made a commitment to donate his personal time and energy to help us develop programs that are accessible to all, regardless of their particular pathway of recovery, financial status, identity, spiritual or non-spiritual belief system. We hope to build upon his personal efforts and develop a library of resources and ongoing events to help people recognize their innate, goodness, inner resources and fully engage in a life they find meaningful.