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Making a Real Difference – Sustainable Recovery Support Study

We are grateful to Renewal Lodge for starting us off with a $10,000 donation.

We are honored and excited to support this important project. Too many people struggling with substance use disorder find their way to treatment only to relapse within their first year of recovery. The stories of overdose, death, lost dreams, and broken families fill the recovery world. While we have come a long way in being able to provide quality evidence-based therapies, we still have a long way to go. We at the Way of Compassion Recovery Resources are inspired to help.

We are funding a treatment study that will provide an 8-week aftercare program for 96 people in their first year of recovery. As part of the program, data will be collected to study the effectiveness of the therapeutic interventions for the participants. The study will begin in June 2022 with 4 groups of participants randomly assigned to one of the therapeutic groups. There will be a second-round beginning in August and ending in September. The participants will be asked to participate in follow-up surveys for a year after they complete the program.

We have a quality team that has dedicated their lives to helping people find recovery and rebuild their lives. Please consider helping us support this important program with a tax-deductible donation of any amount.

All of us at the Way of Compassion Foundation thank you for your time and efforts in helping to make treatment more equitable for all.


Thank you for all of your support!

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